Albums I've been been a part of.

"EP" (People with Bodies) - Songwriting, Vocals, Drums, Electric Banjo, Computer stuff.

"Modern Sadness" - Songwriting, Banjo, Vocals.

"Earthscraper" - Songwriting,  Banjo, Vocals. Also played piano, percussion, vibraphone, cover art.

"Spitgirl EP" - an experimental solo album. Songwriting, Electronic Percussion, Vocals, Synth Theremin, Bass, Guitar, Live Drums, and cover art.

"Four Day EP" (Laid) - Drums, Vocals, Collaborative Songwriting, Guitar, Bass.  

"Circle West EP" (Earthscraper) - Banjo, Vocals, Percussion. 

"Drinkmyspitgirl" (DMSG) - an experimental solo album. Songwriting, Banjo, Guitar, Drums, Bass, Accordion, Electronic stuff, Vocals and cover art.

"Scraps EP" (Handsome Vultures) - Banjo, Co-Songwriting, Backup vocals.

"Xeno House, First Collection"  - Songwriting, Banjo, Vocals, Drums, Cover art.

"Xeno House, Second Collection" - Songwriting, Banjo, Vocals, Drums, Bass, Guitar, Tenor Banjo, cover art.

 "Let the Bears Starve" (Xenophobes) - Drums, Backup Vocals.