"Lyric-driven, story-heavy and performative…” PWB has toured the western US, Brazil, Uruguay and Argentina and is working on our second full-length album.

albums I've been a part of:

“Con Cuerpo” (People with Bodies) - Songwriting, Vocals, Drums, Guitar, Keys [2017]

“People with Bodies” - Songwriting, Vocals, Drums, Banjo (US release) [2016]

“Valley Of” (Lauren Baker + Fil Corbitt) - Songwriting, Banjo, Vocals, Keys [2019]

“People with Bodies” - EP released in Chilé on cassette tape (Botanical Party Records) [2017]

"Modern Sadness" - Songwriting, Banjo, Vocals. [2014]

"ppry" (PRY) - Drums [2017]

“American Music” - Bands from North + South America, compiled by myself and Kent Irwin. [2017]

“World Music” - Compilation of bands from Earth, compiled by myself and Kent Irwin. [2018]

"Earthscraper" - Songwriting,  Banjo, Vocals. Also played piano, percussion, vibraphone, cover art. [2013]

"Spitgirl EP" - an experimental solo album. Songwriting, Electronic Percussion, Vocals, Synth Theremin, Bass, Guitar, Live Drums, and cover art. [2015]

"Four Day EP" (Laid) - Drums, Vocals, Collaborative Songwriting, Guitar, Bass.  [2013]

"Circle West EP" (Earthscraper) - Banjo, Vocals, Percussion. [2013]

"Cumbia Seca" (Seca Seca) Electronic Cumbia EP - Banjo, some of the Guitar, Bass, Drums, some of the Synths, Vocals, Flute. [2016]

"Scraps EP" (Handsome Vultures) - Banjo, Co-Songwriting, Backup vocals. [2012]

"Xeno House, First Collection"  - Songwriting, Banjo, Vocals, Drums, Cover art. [2012]

 "Let the Bears Starve" (Xenophobes) - Drums, Backup Vocals. [2009]

KXLU in Los Angeles, CA