January 2017

Hey Folks,

Palm died on stage.

Palm toured the northwest US with us.
played drums in the woods with us.
was in the car when we crashed in a snowstorm on our way to play Tijuana.
had a final broadcast appearance on KXLU's A Fistful of Vinyl (in Los Angeles, coming soon to youtube)
And after a grueling few months, Palm died on stage at The Loving Cup in Reno, Nevada.
In the final moments, Palm dove from the stage, shattering our lamp on the floor, and began to crowd surf, filtering a few last breaths of air before shedding it's physical form, floating away into the cold night.
Palm will be greatly missed.

In other news,
-We have a new lamp.

-February we're releasing a compilation album called "American Music" featuring bands from all over North and South America.

-AND an experimental split release with our close friends, City Wolves.

In March, we will be releasing a standalone video EP called "L a n d l i n e . c o m"

In current rotation: