July 2017

If you weren't at our living room show on 7/11, People with Bodies is playing with a new person with a new body named Julian Jacobs. You may know him from Reno band Spitting Image.

Photo by Emiliy Jiang

Photo by Emiliy Jiang

Kent and I ambushed Julian immediately as he got out of the shower with some hard hitting questions:

Kent+Fil (KF)A/S/L?
Julian (J): 27/Julian Jacobs/People with Bodies

[Julian wet and confused]

KF: Hot breakfast or Cereal?
J: Hot Breakfast
KF: Favorite hot breakfast?
J: Dinner..?
KF: wrong answer, real interview.
J: I really enjoy putting over-easy eggs on top of oatmeal with peanut butter. It's weird but I like it.
KF: Favorite breakfast spot in Reno?
J: El Salvador
(right answer)
KF: If bacon was a band, what band would bacon be?
J: [Pause] Led Zepplin
KF: Explain
J: 'Cause it's overrated but still really good - a little bit too rich for my taste, and kind of over done, but sometimes it just hits the fuckin' spot and it's very, like, unabashedly simple and effective.
KF: Beautiful. Lastly, explain the history of eggs as a breakfast item.
J: How long do you got?
KF: Infinite.
J: Well it all started in uuuuh..,,l,,, 1492?

[Julian pushing past interviewers, still wet, wearing towel, carrying street clothes]

J: When a man by the name

[Kent takes phone call - K: Yeah, can you hear me?]

J: Of Kent Irwin sailed. 

[Bedroom door slam]

J (muffled): to Dennys.....

This month we had the lovely opportunity to open for our good friends Team Francis at their EP release show. It was a blast and we're proud to be from the same city as them.

Also, we had the pleasure of playing with Turtlenecked, So Many Wizards and Cool American - all of which have great music out, and I've been listening to Cool American's Infinite Hiatus tape on repeat for about 5 days. I recommend it.

Lastly, we're gonna try to play a brand new song live tonight.
And that's it, y'all.
Big news coming soon.


In Julian's current rotation: