March 2018

Treefort 2018

It was great to return to Treefort Music Fest in Boise last weekend. It really is an excellent music fest. Some highlights were all of the headliners: George Clinton, Princess Nokia, Andrew WK and Built to Spill. Really cool to see masters of performance do it in such different ways. Andrew WK counting down to the last song starting at 93 was one of the coolest moves I've seen in a long time. Some other favorites: Lonesome Leash, Mirah in a church with the Boise Phil Harmonic string quartet, our buds Current Joys, Failure Machine and Up is the Down is the, Ed Shrader's Music Beat, 3 songs of Federales in the Basque Center while Mark and I drank Picons, dancin' wobbly cumbia to Orquestra Pacifico Tropical. And our set at the olympic was a blast. Played some new stuff and even got the whole crowd to sing about how Dave Grohl won't stop harassing us. (we'll explain later)

I digress.

We have a surprise show on Saturday for Scalley Cat at TLC. ...Surprise!

And we're working on our cassette release for the new tape "Quitter". I'll send out an email when we get that rollin'.

Lastly, we have finally said goodbye to Van. It was a great vehicle that brought us to some cool places and did some funny things. One of my favorite memories was blowing a tire outside Kingston, NV and then parking in the empty highway and having a snowball fight before fixing it. Van has moved on to a new home with somebody who will be not trying to carry 4 people and a bunch of heavy amps around. We'll miss ya, buddy.



Thanks folks,

see you soon.

1 (505) 634-9769


This month's drink:

1 part Water

serve on rocks in glass

The perfect "water"