January 2019

First of all, Reno folks we are playing Thursday January 31st at KWNK (1717 s Wells ave) with one of our friends and favorites David Dondero. AND Buffalo Moses will be joining us, so it'll be a very nice night. 7pm, $5 for Dave.


We recorded the album. The guitar we tracked in a tool shed on a flat by the creek, at the base of a gigantic dead Ponderosa pine. Bark beetles have devastated the ponderosas in the area, and when the wind picks up in the foothill valley south of Yosemite the giants fall, onto houses, into the road, just across the forest and take down other trees and dam creeks and crush everything that's been far below them for decades. 

On New Years Eve we were tracking electric guitar in the shed, playing the 6-string through an amp up on a stump when the wind picked up. We started to hear the cracking through the microphones and the booms around the neighborhood. But we were on a roll, so we kept rolling.
Kent played several takes as limbs and full trees split and crushed garages and barns around the neighborhood.

We finished the guitar and ran inside, taking refuge with a glass of scotch by the wood stove with Ronan. Kent and I sat at the dining table and wrote our band's Will.

If Kent & Fil are to perish on this eve or before the album is finished, we hereby will the following:
This is all assuming that Mark Robert Nesbitt, too, has perished from this earth.
The Band (People w Bodies) will be given to the following beneficiaries: 
"What's left of our bodies can be used artistically according to the above persons taste. The album named [REDACTED] can also be manipulated by said persons however, using what has been recorded or recording the songs with new personnel or lines or...whatever man just put the album out somehow.

"Also, post album, the band is to live on with the bodies of new people and those people (above listed beneficiaries) are the new rightful owners of the band + all its assets. They also hold claim to the band's sprawling streaming fortune (39.35 USD) as to be collected from our online streaming distributor, Distrokid™.

"My (fil) drumset is to be burnt, but the cymbals are up for grabs."

More updates on the record and shows soon