August 2019

Hey y'all,

1. Kent's Honda CR-V did us well on the July Tour, though it had no AC and made sure we were as hot as it was. At the end of tour it got so hot that it had a sort of mental/physical breakdown and formed a big old steaming gash in the radiator. Luckily Mark, fueled by a 6 pack in the parkinglot of The Autozone in Medford, OR™, was able to expertly swap it out on the spot and we sailed on home away from the sunset.

2. Francesca Martinez of Bad Apple Vintage in midtown Reno made us some new stage clothes and boy are they sweaty now. She did a killer job.

3. The lack of AC has led Kent down a craigslist rabbit hole for the perfect, ice-cold vehicle for our next tour. I will keep you updated on the findings.

4. Though Reno has not yet reached 100 degrees F, it is still the hottest month in recorded history.

5. We've been slowly cooking a few projects. I have found that the best way to make feijoada is to always slow cook the ham hock for at least a full day, and we've been applying that method to our newest works. One of them is this PRY music video that we started in February. Half of it was recorded on a freezing morning just after sunrise in a light snowstorm. Watson subjected himself and hands to some harsh temps to swing red around the snowy desert, then subjected himself and bandmates to some harsh temps 5 months later in the attic apartment in the heat of summer, all windows closed while he baked a cherry pie. Boy it was sweaty up there. you can see the video HERE

Stay cool, both Kent and I will be in the British Isles for much of September and into October. See you at the end of baseball season.

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