December 2015

Ok, what's up.

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We are done tracking our first EP that is most likely going to be self-titled. We have a mix that we're tightening up and we'll be putting out 2 versions: a normal internet version with 4 songs on Bandcamp, and a cassette tape version that includes soundbites from a conversation we had with author and general bad ass, Mike Branch. The cassette version will dive into the lyrical themes, which mainly revolve around the idea of home, place and the romanticism we assign to leaving. Mike Branch's work is largely about living in the sticks and ripping up stereo-types of pastoral identity. He lives in the high desert hills outside of Reno with his wife and two daughters.

The release date looks like February, but we're definitely antsy to put it out asap.

We're working on a live-style music video of the song "A Mirror, A Storm". Both the tape and video have been recorded completely DIY in our basement, and I've been learning a ton about how to engineer sound. It's been a really cool experience getting tones right and mixing them. I've had experience doing vocal tones for radio, but this is my first time filling out an entire range of frequencies. There's a violin on one of the tracks and we found out that putting a mic close to the body sounded terrible. After frustratingly stumbling through a few takes, we put Kent in the stone-walled meat cellar behind my bedroom and put the mic about 8 feet from him. Suddenly it sounded right. In that vein, Google has been a huge help. ("How to mic guitar amp very high end.")

So that's that.  Check back for an update next month. The motor's just getting started and I'm excited to see which way the steering wheel jerks.

-Fil. 12/2015


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