January 2016

We made a video.


We're done. They're in the mail.   

We originally planned to duplicate the cassettes ourselves, and we got 100 clear yellow tapes - after I finished them (with a ton of help from hugely supportive friends), they didn't sound right. Quiet/warbly. I think I bought low quality tapes and couldn't quite figure out how to properly fix them in time to release them.

SO, we pulled the trigger and paid somebody to duplicate them in Missouri. They will be light blue, which matches the artwork. I got the test tape and it sounds really nice. -- I guess the lesson is sometimes you don't know what you're doing and that's good, but sometimes your tapes sound bad and that's not good. DIY and also die eventually.

That said, we are goddamned stoked. The official release show is February 13th at Spectre Records in Reno. We'll have them at a pre-release house show in Carson City too.

Cool. See you soon.

Fil. 01/27/2016


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