February 2016

Cassette Tape, Another Video and an Infomercial.

February has been very productive.  First, we finished our self titled EP and put it out on Cassette. You can buy it on Bandcamp, at Spectre Records. and you can stream it this second right here:

The online version is 4 songs, but the cassette version runs a few minutes longer. We drove out to visit Mike Branch, an environmental writer who writes about his pastoral/anti-pastoral experiences living in the high desert wilderness. Plus, we added a few clips from a trip we took to Peru in 2013. At the end of Side A, there is a weird choir song that was blasting from a bell tower on the top of a hill in Cuzco. I drank a beer next to some teenagers and recorded it. Here is the view from that bench:


Next -- When Dave Dondero came to Reno in January he showed up late due to car troubles. He eventually made it and played a very intimate "story-teller" set that gave a lot of his songs a new depth. After the show I didn't sleep.

In the morning we drove up to the dry lake bed, Winnemucca Lake, then the wet lake bed, Pyramid Lake, and we walked around all day. I brought my hi-8 camera and later made the footage into a video. The loop is from a thrift store keyboard we found, and then Kent scored the rest with violin.

Lastly, I made an infomercial for the tape. I hired a dude on the internet to do the voice.

Most of these blog posts probably won't be so eventful, but February has been hectically good. I think we're onto something./



In current rotation via Kent: