March 2016

4 new songs, video project, booking shows out of town + April 3rd at St. James infirmary.

1.  We have a show this coming Sunday at St. James. Also playing are Holiday Friends and TUFT. They both fall somewhere on the super pro sounding indie pop spectrum. It'll be the first 21+ show we've played. Free.

photo 1.JPG

2. Our tape was reviewed in the cool daily tape blog, Cassette Gods.   and Also a write up in the Elko Daily paper:

3. Kent and I just got back from a road trip of Northern Nevada. Found sound petroglyphs near Austin, hung out with some rappers in Ely and played a show in Elko. It was good. We're working on booking more weekend dates out of town.

4. We have 4 new songs and have played 3 or them live so far. It's cool to have some new material. (Working titles: Optimism/Pessimism, Theme Song, Car Crash, Lluvia) Plus, we're working on 2 new video projects. One of them is top secret, but the other is a DVD version of the EP. I still have a ton of editing to do, but we want to have it out by June. It'll include music videos, plus a bunch of extra video to play. Most of my friends from Argentina and Brazil seemed to ingest music that way - through a dvd player in the house - so Kent and I thought it would be cool to release the cassette in that format. Especially since we're video nerds and stuff.

That about wraps it up for this month. Mostly working on material. Keep an eye out for the DVD and new songs, and we'll maybe catch you on Sunday 4/3.


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