April 2016

Fernie, the band plant, has passed away.
There will be a funeral The Holland Project during our set on April 28th, 2016. Black attire is encouraged. Also I should mention this isn't a joke. Meet us there.

Fernie was a great plant, but in all honesty not a very good bassist. He didn't even own a bass.

So in light of his loss, we've decided to replace him with our good friend and bassman, Mark Nesbitt. 

This is Mark dressed as Ron Swanson. I took it from facebook and didn't tell him.

Mark will be joining us starting in May. 

Otherwise, ongoing projects and news:

  • Recording 2 songs for split and top secret video project.
  • Finishing DVD of the self titled EP
  • Booking some rad summer shows.
  • We were on All Independent Reno's podcast ( https://www.mixcloud.com/allindependentreno/episode-7-people-with-bodies/

That's it. 

In Current rotation: