March 2017


Okay, first of all, Treefort was tight.
We camped in our good friends' back yard all weekend and stayed surprisingly warm despite the rain. 
Some highlights: Jonathan Richman (what a completely honest performer), Open Mike Eagle (who Mark and I never heard before but blew us away), AU (insanely tight and cool), Delicate Steve ("Maybe the only good 1.5 hour long guitar solo I've ever seen" - kent), Willy Vlautin (author of Motel Life, telling a really excellent road story about rural Nevada), Sun Blood Stories (SHREDDING OUR FACES), Mac Demarco (who's music I had never heard, but had a crazy fun live show with great stage presence), Jenny Don't and the Spurs (killing it in a small bar), and finally VCR (playing rockin' ass jam shit in an upscale fast food restaurant.)

Good job, Boise.

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NOW the news:
We'll be touring the Northwest in May.
Show schedule now:
Reno, NV March 30th @ The Saint
Reno, NV March 31st @ TLC

Medford, OR May 2nd @ Bamboo Room

Eugene, OR May 3rd @ Boreal
Seattle, WA May 5th @ The Moon w/ Jacob Jaffe, The Co Founder, TBA
Portland, OR May 6th @ a house w/ Cool American
Sacto, CA? Somewhere? (Help if you want)
Reno, NV May 12th @ Gremfest (more info TBA)

OK that's it this month.
Lots of good stuff coming, so stay tuned.


1 part Carlo Rossi
1 part Tecate
serve in cup from under your coffee table
The perfect "TeCarlo"