April 2017

Every branch leads away. You follow it with your hands until the branch turns to a stick, and the stick comes to a point and you're out of the tree just floating beside it.
The trick is to shake it around a bit. Be wind in the trees.

We give a river a name, but it's filled with other things with other names. Rocks, fish, cyanobacteria, a man, his shoes. It's filled with currents, pointing different directions, sometimes folding back into itself and running upstream. We call those eddies. The river is not the water, but the movement.

We've received the mixes for our full length album.
Stay tuned.

Tour Dates:
April 29: Merced @ a house w/ Awahnichi
May 2: Medford @ King Wah's Bamboo Room
May 3: Eugene (TBA)
May 5: Seattle @ The Moon
May 6: Portland @ The Boathouse
May 12: Reno for Gremfest
Then we'll be quiet for a bit. More to come.


1 part Tuaca
1 part Rootbeer
Serve in pint glass on ice
Lime twist
The perfect Toiyabe Sunset