May 2017

"Con Cuerpo" - a full length album from People with Bodies.

Hey folks,

Very excited to announce the release of our first full length album. It will be available Tuesday June 13th as a compact disc. The release show will be held in Reno at the Record Street Bibo (945 Record St). We'll be joined by the great David Dondero.
$5, all ages, and we'll have the CD available for $10.
Each copy purchased at the release show will include a personalized note and a little bit of Fernie or Palm. (We recorded the bass guitar pointing a microphone through Palm)

"Con Cuerpo"was recorded over 10 days in October 2016 by Watson Meyer with help from our good friend Noah Dickie. It was then sent off to Diego Poloni in Southern Brazil who mixed and mastered it in this house:


The cover was designed in Porto Alegre, Brazil by artist Jessica Nakaema. Mike Corbitt did the packaging layout, and Tea Haze finalized the tracks. Huge thanks to Jake Reid for playing Sax, Ronan, and Steve Roggenbuck. 

See you June 13th!
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