June 2018

Hello, I watched season 2 of westworld and didn't enjoy it. That's just me. It's okay to like, or not like something even if people you like do or do not like it. You can also like something people you don't like like.

I read a lot of reviews of the final episode, and Kent (who has seen almost none of the show) joined me. We cracked open a splash of Brandy, put our smoking jackets on and sat down at the olllll typing machine to write our own review.



Next Shows:

July 13 @Holland Reno with Surf Curse

August 25th @TBA with CJ Boyd

And we're hosting (but not playing) July 18th @ El Salvador. Lovebirds (sf), Baby Dog and one more TBA.

Flyer by Payton !!

Flyer by Payton !!


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