July 2018

IT IS TOO HOT! edition

Hey Folks, it's real hot out and we have lost our cool.

We are not cool at all anymore, which is a bummer, but we're learning to live with it.

Always rooting for Socrates Brito of the Reno Aces

Always rooting for Socrates Brito of the Reno Aces

Ok, so news:

1. We are planning some out-of-town shows this fall, and are hoping to record some of these new songs. As you know, we have between 10-20 new songs. WOW. We are trying to figure out a home recording set up that will allow us to record way more often and of our own accord. Our first experiment with this will be on Sunday.

2. World Music is coming. We have been compiling our sequel compilation to American Music by scouring the entire world to find cool songs. So far we have some great hits from Russia, Spain, Taiwan, New Zealand, Argentina, Japan, Madagascar and more. We'll be including a new pwb recording on this comp too, I expect it to come out in September.

3. Current shows:

August 25th @ TBA w/ CJ Boyd

August 31st @ Holland Project w/ Combo Chimbita (Cumbia badasses)

November 9th @ TLC w/ WIMPS and Up is the Down is the (+more)

More shows To Be Confirmed soon.

4. Lastly, we're going to host another live stream event soon. Keep your eyes peeled.


OK thanks y'all.


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