March 2019

the windy season

This has been a productive month for the ol' body people. The snow pile I've been driving to every thursday is melting rapidly, the album is being mixed in Brazil, we released the live video from the Downtown Reno Library, I bought 2 bags of chips knowing that this pot of chili is about to be a 2-bag-of-chip-kinda pot, and we just got back from Treefort. 

Treefort is always a special time of year for us, and I for one was not let down. Oruã totally blew me out of the water Sunday night, and FAVX, Clarke and the Himselves, and Y La Bamba were just a few of the really excellent sets we got to see. At our show on Friday we walked over to a lava lamp fireplace and all sang "Seer" with the violin, accordion and our good buddy Brian's harmonium. It was a really nice time.

OH, also we had the pleasure of playing with Man Man and Rebecca Black a week ago, and damn was it pleasant. Our set included a string quartet, a violent reading about a sentient doritos bag and the introduction of our new plant, Jackie Chan. Rebecca Black brought down the house, and Man Man took the house which had been brought down, and shook it around a bunch until the whole house seemed all full of adrenaline and wonder. Honus Honus at one point emerged from the back with a fur coat and a plastic skeleton, which he then got to crowd surf around the room while singing “Feel Free to Loot My Body!” It was a truly enjoyable experience all around. Excited to hear their new record.

And finally, this is a good time to mention we are working on an EP in addition to the full length album. The EP will be 86 songs, and we're currently devising a digital release.
More info on that later.


In short, we are making progress on all fronts.
See you soon!

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