April 2019

So, we received a LOT of letters about our last newsletter, asking politely to give a better plant introduction. Since we unveiled Jackie Chan by lowering it from the ceiling on a pulley and ceremoniously marking the pot with new paint, we thought that was sufficient - BUT WE WERE MISTAKEN, because to our friends online, they did not see that caring introduction. They just saw us mention Jackie quickly and with out pomp. So here's the announcement:

NEW PLANT!!!! Named Jackie Chan after one of our favorite actors and directors, we hope that our new band member will help us learn to better combine skill, discipline and humor.


Next, we got 2 show write ups recently.
First was by Scott Draper in Boise, who has some very nice things to say. HERE
Second was for Tahoe up on the Stage. Tony's written about us a couple times now and always seems baffled, which personally tickles me greatly. he says "People With Bodies are odd, but good."

Finally, we're working on some new interpretations of the live set. I've been practicing accordion everyday (until I broke the strap bracket on wednesday, new one in the mail from italy) and Kent got a new Casio. We'll be experimenting with this and see what we come up with. It is within the People with Bodies constitution to continuously re-imagine what our performances can look and sound like, and I think this arrangement will be a nice addition to the family

That'll do it.
Take care of eachother.

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