September 2019

A letter from Kent / Emily -

Hey all,

“I used to be a boy, and part of me always will be.”

Many of you have picked up on the ambiguity in that lyric, with regards to gender. I think I wanted to put that out into the world before fully coming out, because I have always been terrified of who I really am.

I have been told my whole life that I was born a boy, and that’s that. Some members of my family have taught me to bottle and hide my emotions, they’ve ridiculed trans people for their courage in simply living amongst them, and overall the message is clear. I am not a girl, I’m a boy.

I’m here to tell you that I am both.

What this means is that I use both male and female pronouns, and that I go by Kent and/or Emily.

I was named Kent, but only after I was born and assigned male at the hospital. In the womb, everyone thought I was going to be a girl and would be named Emily, after my great-grandmother.

Emily Pratt was an amazing person with striking parallels to my own life. She was a pianist who taught music for a living, and played the organ for silent films. She was a suffragette in New York before moving out west and learning to hunt, hike, and farm. She loved to travel and documented her adventures in beautiful photographs across the country on the train.

So that is my name: Emily Pratt (Pratt being my mother’s maiden name as well).

So: how do you address me? Well, I have started to present myself in ways that could be considered “femme” (makeup, dresses, a wig). On days like that, where I’ve made an effort to present myself in that way, I’d love it if you used female pronouns and called me Emily. But if you called me Emily on any other day, I’d like that too.

The bottom line is my feelings won’t be hurt if you call me him or her; Kent or Emily, in any particular context. But if you’re concerned about anything, feel free to message me directly and ask, or in person.

The term for what I am is “bigender,” but as it falls under the umbrella of “trans,” I prefer the term “trans.” Bigender is great, but the term trans has more of a spiritual and emotional connection to me - since I am in a transitional stage, transporting to a new sense of self, transforming, etc. For years, I’ve never felt comfortable using that term because it seemed like it didn’t belong to me, but in recent years the vocabulary and acceptance has really expanded to embrace me and allow me to feel good about coming out and being a part of the trans community.

If you have any questions, wanna reach out, etc, I just set up a new Instagram @emilypratt666. Feel free to DM me there or at @winter.kin or email at

Emily + Kent

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August 2019

Hey y'all,

1. Kent's Honda CR-V did us well on the July Tour, though it had no AC and made sure we were as hot as it was. At the end of tour it got so hot that it had a sort of mental/physical breakdown and formed a big old steaming gash in the radiator. Luckily Mark, fueled by a 6 pack in the parkinglot of The Autozone in Medford, OR™, was able to expertly swap it out on the spot and we sailed on home away from the sunset.

2. Francesca Martinez of Bad Apple Vintage in midtown Reno made us some new stage clothes and boy are they sweaty now. She did a killer job.

3. The lack of AC has led Kent down a craigslist rabbit hole for the perfect, ice-cold vehicle for our next tour. I will keep you updated on the findings.

4. Though Reno has not yet reached 100 degrees F, it is still the hottest month in recorded history.

5. We've been slowly cooking a few projects. I have found that the best way to make feijoada is to always slow cook the ham hock for at least a full day, and we've been applying that method to our newest works. One of them is this PRY music video that we started in February. Half of it was recorded on a freezing morning just after sunrise in a light snowstorm. Watson subjected himself and hands to some harsh temps to swing red around the snowy desert, then subjected himself and bandmates to some harsh temps 5 months later in the attic apartment in the heat of summer, all windows closed while he baked a cherry pie. Boy it was sweaty up there. you can see the video HERE

Stay cool, both Kent and I will be in the British Isles for much of September and into October. See you at the end of baseball season.

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July 2019

Summer Tour 2019

Baker, NV - played by the highway, good food and people

Salt Lake City, UT - played on the floor, made a drum trophy, wore our new clothes

Boise, ID - Watching good friends play music, being welcomed by old friends

Moscow, ID - A good humble burger, feeling at home

Seattle, WA - Last show at Cone House, beautiful place, SeaCats were beautiful, touched the pacific

Portland, OR - great place, saw friends, laughed over pork

Last day, radiator blew. Replaced it in the parking lot of a chain auto store in Medford Or, Kept cool all night, home by 3am

June 2019

It’s summer and you know what that means! Roadtrip season!! #adventure

now, as you know we are making our next full length album, but in the mean time we have a GREAT DEAL for you. An 86 song EP.

We’ll be releasing all 86 tracks on JULY 4! They will be available on YouTube and also on CD for only 4.99!! Wow, great deals AND big savings

the EP is called: “The Staples in Roseville, CA” by People with Bodies.

follow us on Instagram for #bigsavings and a link to the EP when it’s out.



In other news,

summer tour:

july 20 tba

july 22 SLC, Utah @ beehive social club

july 23 Elko, NV @ Tba

july 24 Boise, ID @ Olympic

july 25 Moscow, ID @ Humble Burger

july 26 Seattle, WA @ house tba

july 27 Portland, OR @ Tba

more news and venue updates soon


April 2019

So, we received a LOT of letters about our last newsletter, asking politely to give a better plant introduction. Since we unveiled Jackie Chan by lowering it from the ceiling on a pulley and ceremoniously marking the pot with new paint, we thought that was sufficient - BUT WE WERE MISTAKEN, because to our friends online, they did not see that caring introduction. They just saw us mention Jackie quickly and with out pomp. So here's the announcement:

NEW PLANT!!!! Named Jackie Chan after one of our favorite actors and directors, we hope that our new band member will help us learn to better combine skill, discipline and humor.


Next, we got 2 show write ups recently.
First was by Scott Draper in Boise, who has some very nice things to say. HERE
Second was for Tahoe up on the Stage. Tony's written about us a couple times now and always seems baffled, which personally tickles me greatly. he says "People With Bodies are odd, but good."

Finally, we're working on some new interpretations of the live set. I've been practicing accordion everyday (until I broke the strap bracket on wednesday, new one in the mail from italy) and Kent got a new Casio. We'll be experimenting with this and see what we come up with. It is within the People with Bodies constitution to continuously re-imagine what our performances can look and sound like, and I think this arrangement will be a nice addition to the family

That'll do it.
Take care of eachother.

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March 2019

the windy season

This has been a productive month for the ol' body people. The snow pile I've been driving to every thursday is melting rapidly, the album is being mixed in Brazil, we released the live video from the Downtown Reno Library, I bought 2 bags of chips knowing that this pot of chili is about to be a 2-bag-of-chip-kinda pot, and we just got back from Treefort. 

Treefort is always a special time of year for us, and I for one was not let down. Oruã totally blew me out of the water Sunday night, and FAVX, Clarke and the Himselves, and Y La Bamba were just a few of the really excellent sets we got to see. At our show on Friday we walked over to a lava lamp fireplace and all sang "Seer" with the violin, accordion and our good buddy Brian's harmonium. It was a really nice time.

OH, also we had the pleasure of playing with Man Man and Rebecca Black a week ago, and damn was it pleasant. Our set included a string quartet, a violent reading about a sentient doritos bag and the introduction of our new plant, Jackie Chan. Rebecca Black brought down the house, and Man Man took the house which had been brought down, and shook it around a bunch until the whole house seemed all full of adrenaline and wonder. Honus Honus at one point emerged from the back with a fur coat and a plastic skeleton, which he then got to crowd surf around the room while singing “Feel Free to Loot My Body!” It was a truly enjoyable experience all around. Excited to hear their new record.

And finally, this is a good time to mention we are working on an EP in addition to the full length album. The EP will be 86 songs, and we're currently devising a digital release.
More info on that later.


In short, we are making progress on all fronts.
See you soon!

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February 2019

I apologize for the late blog post this month. But I promise it was for good cause.

We wanted to wait until we had something to share with you.

AND it’s a new video.

It was recorded live at the Downtown Reno Library in february.
It features 3 songs from the new album, and I can't stress enough how grateful and excited we are to have the talented friends who really showed up and made this possible.
If you have any questions about the video and how we made it, always feel free to reach out. Happy to share nerdy details.

Second, we're playing with one of our favorite bands Man Man, on March 17th at Holland Reno. And we've just learned we'll be joined by Rebecca Black. (!!!)
We'll be pulling out most of the stops for this one, so I hope you can join us.


And Finally, our slot at Treefort is Friday March 22nd: 8pm at the Boise All Ages Music Project stage. Come say hi.

That's a lot this month, hope you enjoy the video and REMEMBER TO LIKE SHARE SUBSCRIBE if you want to.


Spell for Not Being Eaten:
O cobra, I am the flame that shines upon the brow of millions, the standard of fresh plants upon it. Be far from me.

January 2019

First of all, Reno folks we are playing Thursday January 31st at KWNK (1717 s Wells ave) with one of our friends and favorites David Dondero. AND Buffalo Moses will be joining us, so it'll be a very nice night. 7pm, $5 for Dave.


We recorded the album. The guitar we tracked in a tool shed on a flat by the creek, at the base of a gigantic dead Ponderosa pine. Bark beetles have devastated the ponderosas in the area, and when the wind picks up in the foothill valley south of Yosemite the giants fall, onto houses, into the road, just across the forest and take down other trees and dam creeks and crush everything that's been far below them for decades. 

On New Years Eve we were tracking electric guitar in the shed, playing the 6-string through an amp up on a stump when the wind picked up. We started to hear the cracking through the microphones and the booms around the neighborhood. But we were on a roll, so we kept rolling.
Kent played several takes as limbs and full trees split and crushed garages and barns around the neighborhood.

We finished the guitar and ran inside, taking refuge with a glass of scotch by the wood stove with Ronan. Kent and I sat at the dining table and wrote our band's Will.

If Kent & Fil are to perish on this eve or before the album is finished, we hereby will the following:
This is all assuming that Mark Robert Nesbitt, too, has perished from this earth.
The Band (People w Bodies) will be given to the following beneficiaries: 
"What's left of our bodies can be used artistically according to the above persons taste. The album named [REDACTED] can also be manipulated by said persons however, using what has been recorded or recording the songs with new personnel or lines or...whatever man just put the album out somehow.

"Also, post album, the band is to live on with the bodies of new people and those people (above listed beneficiaries) are the new rightful owners of the band + all its assets. They also hold claim to the band's sprawling streaming fortune (39.35 USD) as to be collected from our online streaming distributor, Distrokid™.

"My (fil) drumset is to be burnt, but the cymbals are up for grabs."

More updates on the record and shows soon



December 2018

We're playing Treefort Music Fest in Boise this year! They have one more artist announcement, so I'll wait to post the line up until then. In the mean time, visit:

We leave Christmas night to track a new album in a cabin and garage just outside of Yosemite.
We've been working on it for about a month, making demos, writing parts, taking notes and asking engineer friends for advice. Very excited to work on this, and then to share that work with y'all. I am excited about the songs on this one, and I think it will be a good addition to the family. More info soon, and if you'd like to participate somehow reach out.


The night before solstice, we decided to leave the lights off all night, to let the dark in to the house. There are a lot of bedrooms in the world where it's never dark. Sometimes it's from LED lights inside the room, sometimes it's street lights from outside, sometimes you just live in a bright place and there isn't darkness anymore. No matter where you are, there used to be darkness there, but lightbulbs have really changed the game. They're everywhere.
I think it's important to let the night settle in, and to exist inside of it. I played banjo in the dark, and then listened to records. I think we shun our sense of sound in general, and maybe the ability to see at all times contributes to that.
Leave the lights off one of these nights, I really enjoyed it.


1 2/3 cup Irish Whiskey
1 cup heavy cream
14 ounce can of sweetened condensed milk
2 tablespoon chocolate syrup
2 tablespoon cold coffee
2 teaspoon vanilla extract
Blend for 20 seconds or so.
Once blended, sip it by a fire and let it get in your mustache.

««|| P w B ||««

November 2018

We began the new album

we began it in a place and that place is hard to get to.

The place, the beginning of the album, is a wall of trees that have always pulled me toward them, there’s always a hold, pulling me toward the edge and into the cover behind.

5 days after the album began, I already let it pull me back, and I flanked the spot on a dive into the woods. I held to the drying river, but something followed me, I could feel it, behind and to the right.

Cracking branches.

I came to the edge of a cedar stand in which it was night. To my left was daytime and to my right was night, and I had no choice but to climb into the cold icy pocket of darkness and I could feel whatever was following me, quietly moving somewhere deep inside.

The further in I walked, the more trees I saw adorned with claw marks. Deep marks, 3 in a row, above my head. The further in I crawled, the more cold air the floor expelled with every clunky step, and every knee on a downed giant. It seemed like it would last forever.


I veered back toward the creek bed and that’s where I saw it. A tan flash just inside the tree line, and watched as a big log dropped, something big knocked it, something big was in there and I backed up through the creek and climbed the opposite bank, fingers in the mud and I stood still and apparently so did it, both listening.

Minutes later I heard the cracking branches far into the canyon. Far in the direction of the pulling.

I decided to loosen the hold and turned.

I hurried back through the lighter side of the forest, south bank, and kept an eye for tracks, and saw no tracks but geese talons in the snow.

I made a direct line through the woods, off trail, as if holding onto a rope I strung on the way into a cave. And sure enough I surfaced at the spot. At the spot the album began.

And I stood there, in the sun on the edge of the tree line, and it is one of the quietest places I know.

October 2018


We stand with the PWB of Brazil against Bolsonaro (#elenão). We stand with PWB across the US who this week have the chance to vote against politicians who enthusiastically support racism, war, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, voter suppression, violations of tribal sovereignty, and climate change denial.

Get out there and vote!

New music and new shirts in the works. You can hear our new songs at the following events:

The moon. The. The moon is low in the morning sky. It’s loud.

We hope you’re having a nice October. It’s a month of bloody rebirth. Our pear tree shed blood red leaves and pears all over the lawn. The stalks of of our band plant - Basketball - have died, but a new sprout emerges. Not to mention the government.

Well, actually, to mention the government. People With Bodies all over the world are in danger of facing a new rise of authoritarian oppression. It’s up to us to vote, while we still can.


Saturday, October 27: People With Bodies with Wistappear (LA), Acid Reality Casualty Test, & Gemini Cusp @ House On The Hill (DM for address)

Friday, November 9th: Treefort Showcase - Off Beat Music Fest. Wimps, Up Is The Down Is The, Prism Bitch, & Pearl Charles @ The Loving Cup.

1 part: BATS

2 parts: BATS

5 parts: BATS

1 part again: Bats

The perfect “SHADOWLORD”

September 2018

Slept in the yellow aspens and the dishes froze.
Slept on a couch in some weird soft clothes.
Slept not much the night after my first night in the casino house band for a 3-day rockabilly gig, learning songs on drums as we played them live. Got a room on the 9th floor over looking reno and didn't sleep in it. Got a comp for seafood and Kent and I bought 1 lobster. Free fish. Fall is here, and even though the inside of this mega building is trying to put it off, I can smell it through the cigarette smoke. The angry dick man yells on Tv, he’s been yelling all week on the radio, on the news podcasts, on the big projector above the concierge desk.

We've been re-stocking/printing up some new shirts and crewnecks. The first shirt we made was designed by Nathaniel Benjamin, and we're just about sold out. So we decided to put the remaining shirts on sale for $5 each. get yours here:

If you missed it, our newest compilation is up online for FREE download. FREE!

Next Shows
October 27th: Reno, NV House on the Hill
November 9th: Reno, NV The Loving Cup

1 part scotch
1 part ranch dressing
The perfect "Scottish Ranchhand"

August 2018

We have some shows coming up.

August 25th: (TONIGHT) Park Place Side Yard w/ CJ Boyd and Solterona. We're playing a living room set, and playin some tunes we've only played electric before.

August 29th: Kent and I are playing 1 tune at Mike Branch's book release. Sundance Books 6:30 sharp free beer.

August 31st: Holland Project w/ Combo Chimbita

1. World Music is releasing early September and will include our song Leviathan Man. (Along with 13 other bands from Earth.) I'll send a link when it's available.

2. Very excited to be a part of a compilation of South American songwriters called "Cancionistas." Our friend Lou wrote us asking for a lo-fi recording of a song, so we sat around Kent's walkman and recorded "Go There."
You can hear it below (and also on all the streaming sites)

That's it this month -- Looking to record more this Fall.

In current rotation

July 2018

IT IS TOO HOT! edition

Hey Folks, it's real hot out and we have lost our cool.

We are not cool at all anymore, which is a bummer, but we're learning to live with it.

Always rooting for Socrates Brito of the Reno Aces

Always rooting for Socrates Brito of the Reno Aces

Ok, so news:

1. We are planning some out-of-town shows this fall, and are hoping to record some of these new songs. As you know, we have between 10-20 new songs. WOW. We are trying to figure out a home recording set up that will allow us to record way more often and of our own accord. Our first experiment with this will be on Sunday.

2. World Music is coming. We have been compiling our sequel compilation to American Music by scouring the entire world to find cool songs. So far we have some great hits from Russia, Spain, Taiwan, New Zealand, Argentina, Japan, Madagascar and more. We'll be including a new pwb recording on this comp too, I expect it to come out in September.

3. Current shows:

August 25th @ TBA w/ CJ Boyd

August 31st @ Holland Project w/ Combo Chimbita (Cumbia badasses)

November 9th @ TLC w/ WIMPS and Up is the Down is the (+more)

More shows To Be Confirmed soon.

4. Lastly, we're going to host another live stream event soon. Keep your eyes peeled.


OK thanks y'all.


In Current Rotation

June 2018

Hello, I watched season 2 of westworld and didn't enjoy it. That's just me. It's okay to like, or not like something even if people you like do or do not like it. You can also like something people you don't like like.

I read a lot of reviews of the final episode, and Kent (who has seen almost none of the show) joined me. We cracked open a splash of Brandy, put our smoking jackets on and sat down at the olllll typing machine to write our own review.



Next Shows:

July 13 @Holland Reno with Surf Curse

August 25th @TBA with CJ Boyd

And we're hosting (but not playing) July 18th @ El Salvador. Lovebirds (sf), Baby Dog and one more TBA.

Flyer by Payton !!

Flyer by Payton !!


In Current Rotation

May 2018

Hey folks,
We are back with a bunch of summer jams.

June 15th: w/ Ford Corl @ Holland
June 23rd: w/ Cool American (pdx) + Husky Boys
(pdx) @ Park place
July 13th: w/ Surf Curse + Lunch Lady @ Holland
July 18th: Love Birds (sf) @ El Salvador
August 25th: w/ CJ Boyd (earth) @ TBA

A couple more TBA too

We'll be playing a lot of new songs, maybe some old songs, maybe a couple from the middle area. Every single one of these is going to be rad. 

See you soon



In Current Rotation:

March 2018

Treefort 2018

It was great to return to Treefort Music Fest in Boise last weekend. It really is an excellent music fest. Some highlights were all of the headliners: George Clinton, Princess Nokia, Andrew WK and Built to Spill. Really cool to see masters of performance do it in such different ways. Andrew WK counting down to the last song starting at 93 was one of the coolest moves I've seen in a long time. Some other favorites: Lonesome Leash, Mirah in a church with the Boise Phil Harmonic string quartet, our buds Current Joys, Failure Machine and Up is the Down is the, Ed Shrader's Music Beat, 3 songs of Federales in the Basque Center while Mark and I drank Picons, dancin' wobbly cumbia to Orquestra Pacifico Tropical. And our set at the olympic was a blast. Played some new stuff and even got the whole crowd to sing about how Dave Grohl won't stop harassing us. (we'll explain later)

I digress.

We have a surprise show on Saturday for Scalley Cat at TLC. ...Surprise!

And we're working on our cassette release for the new tape "Quitter". I'll send out an email when we get that rollin'.

Lastly, we have finally said goodbye to Van. It was a great vehicle that brought us to some cool places and did some funny things. One of my favorite memories was blowing a tire outside Kingston, NV and then parking in the empty highway and having a snowball fight before fixing it. Van has moved on to a new home with somebody who will be not trying to carry 4 people and a bunch of heavy amps around. We'll miss ya, buddy.



Thanks folks,

see you soon.

1 (505) 634-9769


This month's drink:

1 part Water

serve on rocks in glass

The perfect "water"



February 2018


As you know, we are working on a new cassette tape.

Here are the details:

We are only making 24 copies, and every one was individually recorded. So on a damn cold day in Gardnerville, we put a tape in the machine, played the songs, popped the tape out, put a new tape in, played the songs again.  We did that 24 times. That is Side A.

Side B is going to be a collection of voicemails from the new PWB phone number 1 (505) 634-9769. So, call and leave a message. It can be serious, weird, funny, short, long, music, poem, a story, yelling, an interesting sound...whatever you want. Also, call as many times as you want and you don't have to say who's calling if you don't want to.

THAT'S 1 (505) 634-9769 -- CALL NOW!!

Don't overthink it. Just call.

And Finally, we did our first Live Stream Event this month. You can see it here.

That's about it for this month. We have ~9 new songs to play at the next show, and a bunch of others on deck. Tons of new stuff that we're excited to share with you.

Enjoying a lasagna at the Halfway Club

Enjoying a lasagna at the Halfway Club

In Current Rotation:

1 part Tuaca®

1 part Irish Cream

Dash of Pumpkin Pie seasoning

Serve over ice.

The perfect, "Comin' Around the Mountain."