November 2018

We began the new album

we began it in a place and that place is hard to get to.

The place, the beginning of the album, is a wall of trees that have always pulled me toward them, there’s always a hold, pulling me toward the edge and into the cover behind.

5 days after the album began, I already let it pull me back, and I flanked the spot on a dive into the woods. I held to the drying river, but something followed me, I could feel it, behind and to the right.

Cracking branches.

I came to the edge of a cedar stand in which it was night. To my left was daytime and to my right was night, and I had no choice but to climb into the cold icy pocket of darkness and I could feel whatever was following me, quietly moving somewhere deep inside.

The further in I walked, the more trees I saw adorned with claw marks. Deep marks, 3 in a row, above my head. The further in I crawled, the more cold air the floor expelled with every clunky step, and every knee on a downed giant. It seemed like it would last forever.


I veered back toward the creek bed and that’s where I saw it. A tan flash just inside the tree line, and watched as a big log dropped, something big knocked it, something big was in there and I backed up through the creek and climbed the opposite bank, fingers in the mud and I stood still and apparently so did it, both listening.

Minutes later I heard the cracking branches far into the canyon. Far in the direction of the pulling.

I decided to loosen the hold and turned.

I hurried back through the lighter side of the forest, south bank, and kept an eye for tracks, and saw no tracks but geese talons in the snow.

I made a direct line through the woods, off trail, as if holding onto a rope I strung on the way into a cave. And sure enough I surfaced at the spot. At the spot the album began.

And I stood there, in the sun on the edge of the tree line, and it is one of the quietest places I know.

October 2018


We stand with the PWB of Brazil against Bolsonaro (#elenão). We stand with PWB across the US who this week have the chance to vote against politicians who enthusiastically support racism, war, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, voter suppression, violations of tribal sovereignty, and climate change denial.

Get out there and vote!

New music and new shirts in the works. You can hear our new songs at the following events:

The moon. The. The moon is low in the morning sky. It’s loud.

We hope you’re having a nice October. It’s a month of bloody rebirth. Our pear tree shed blood red leaves and pears all over the lawn. The stalks of of our band plant - Basketball - have died, but a new sprout emerges. Not to mention the government.

Well, actually, to mention the government. People With Bodies all over the world are in danger of facing a new rise of authoritarian oppression. It’s up to us to vote, while we still can.


Saturday, October 27: People With Bodies with Wistappear (LA), Acid Reality Casualty Test, & Gemini Cusp @ House On The Hill (DM for address)

Friday, November 9th: Treefort Showcase - Off Beat Music Fest. Wimps, Up Is The Down Is The, Prism Bitch, & Pearl Charles @ The Loving Cup.

1 part: BATS

2 parts: BATS

5 parts: BATS

1 part again: Bats

The perfect “SHADOWLORD”

September 2018

Slept in the yellow aspens and the dishes froze.
Slept on a couch in some weird soft clothes.
Slept not much the night after my first night in the casino house band for a 3-day rockabilly gig, learning songs on drums as we played them live. Got a room on the 9th floor over looking reno and didn't sleep in it. Got a comp for seafood and Kent and I bought 1 lobster. Free fish. Fall is here, and even though the inside of this mega building is trying to put it off, I can smell it through the cigarette smoke. The angry dick man yells on Tv, he’s been yelling all week on the radio, on the news podcasts, on the big projector above the concierge desk.

We've been re-stocking/printing up some new shirts and crewnecks. The first shirt we made was designed by Nathaniel Benjamin, and we're just about sold out. So we decided to put the remaining shirts on sale for $5 each. get yours here:

If you missed it, our newest compilation is up online for FREE download. FREE!

Next Shows
October 27th: Reno, NV House on the Hill
November 9th: Reno, NV The Loving Cup

1 part scotch
1 part ranch dressing
The perfect "Scottish Ranchhand"

August 2018

We have some shows coming up.

August 25th: (TONIGHT) Park Place Side Yard w/ CJ Boyd and Solterona. We're playing a living room set, and playin some tunes we've only played electric before.

August 29th: Kent and I are playing 1 tune at Mike Branch's book release. Sundance Books 6:30 sharp free beer.

August 31st: Holland Project w/ Combo Chimbita

1. World Music is releasing early September and will include our song Leviathan Man. (Along with 13 other bands from Earth.) I'll send a link when it's available.

2. Very excited to be a part of a compilation of South American songwriters called "Cancionistas." Our friend Lou wrote us asking for a lo-fi recording of a song, so we sat around Kent's walkman and recorded "Go There."
You can hear it below (and also on all the streaming sites)

That's it this month -- Looking to record more this Fall.

In current rotation

July 2018

IT IS TOO HOT! edition

Hey Folks, it's real hot out and we have lost our cool.

We are not cool at all anymore, which is a bummer, but we're learning to live with it.

 Always rooting for Socrates Brito of the Reno Aces

Always rooting for Socrates Brito of the Reno Aces

Ok, so news:

1. We are planning some out-of-town shows this fall, and are hoping to record some of these new songs. As you know, we have between 10-20 new songs. WOW. We are trying to figure out a home recording set up that will allow us to record way more often and of our own accord. Our first experiment with this will be on Sunday.

2. World Music is coming. We have been compiling our sequel compilation to American Music by scouring the entire world to find cool songs. So far we have some great hits from Russia, Spain, Taiwan, New Zealand, Argentina, Japan, Madagascar and more. We'll be including a new pwb recording on this comp too, I expect it to come out in September.

3. Current shows:

August 25th @ TBA w/ CJ Boyd

August 31st @ Holland Project w/ Combo Chimbita (Cumbia badasses)

November 9th @ TLC w/ WIMPS and Up is the Down is the (+more)

More shows To Be Confirmed soon.

4. Lastly, we're going to host another live stream event soon. Keep your eyes peeled.


OK thanks y'all.


In Current Rotation

June 2018

Hello, I watched season 2 of westworld and didn't enjoy it. That's just me. It's okay to like, or not like something even if people you like do or do not like it. You can also like something people you don't like like.

I read a lot of reviews of the final episode, and Kent (who has seen almost none of the show) joined me. We cracked open a splash of Brandy, put our smoking jackets on and sat down at the olllll typing machine to write our own review.



Next Shows:

July 13 @Holland Reno with Surf Curse

August 25th @TBA with CJ Boyd

And we're hosting (but not playing) July 18th @ El Salvador. Lovebirds (sf), Baby Dog and one more TBA.

 Flyer by Payton !!

Flyer by Payton !!


In Current Rotation

May 2018

Hey folks,
We are back with a bunch of summer jams.

June 15th: w/ Ford Corl @ Holland
June 23rd: w/ Cool American (pdx) + Husky Boys
(pdx) @ Park place
July 13th: w/ Surf Curse + Lunch Lady @ Holland
July 18th: Love Birds (sf) @ El Salvador
August 25th: w/ CJ Boyd (earth) @ TBA

A couple more TBA too

We'll be playing a lot of new songs, maybe some old songs, maybe a couple from the middle area. Every single one of these is going to be rad. 

See you soon



In Current Rotation:

March 2018

Treefort 2018

It was great to return to Treefort Music Fest in Boise last weekend. It really is an excellent music fest. Some highlights were all of the headliners: George Clinton, Princess Nokia, Andrew WK and Built to Spill. Really cool to see masters of performance do it in such different ways. Andrew WK counting down to the last song starting at 93 was one of the coolest moves I've seen in a long time. Some other favorites: Lonesome Leash, Mirah in a church with the Boise Phil Harmonic string quartet, our buds Current Joys, Failure Machine and Up is the Down is the, Ed Shrader's Music Beat, 3 songs of Federales in the Basque Center while Mark and I drank Picons, dancin' wobbly cumbia to Orquestra Pacifico Tropical. And our set at the olympic was a blast. Played some new stuff and even got the whole crowd to sing about how Dave Grohl won't stop harassing us. (we'll explain later)

I digress.

We have a surprise show on Saturday for Scalley Cat at TLC. ...Surprise!

And we're working on our cassette release for the new tape "Quitter". I'll send out an email when we get that rollin'.

Lastly, we have finally said goodbye to Van. It was a great vehicle that brought us to some cool places and did some funny things. One of my favorite memories was blowing a tire outside Kingston, NV and then parking in the empty highway and having a snowball fight before fixing it. Van has moved on to a new home with somebody who will be not trying to carry 4 people and a bunch of heavy amps around. We'll miss ya, buddy.



Thanks folks,

see you soon.

1 (505) 634-9769


This month's drink:

1 part Water

serve on rocks in glass

The perfect "water"



February 2018


As you know, we are working on a new cassette tape.

Here are the details:

We are only making 24 copies, and every one was individually recorded. So on a damn cold day in Gardnerville, we put a tape in the machine, played the songs, popped the tape out, put a new tape in, played the songs again.  We did that 24 times. That is Side A.

Side B is going to be a collection of voicemails from the new PWB phone number 1 (505) 634-9769. So, call and leave a message. It can be serious, weird, funny, short, long, music, poem, a story, yelling, an interesting sound...whatever you want. Also, call as many times as you want and you don't have to say who's calling if you don't want to.

THAT'S 1 (505) 634-9769 -- CALL NOW!!

Don't overthink it. Just call.

And Finally, we did our first Live Stream Event this month. You can see it here.

That's about it for this month. We have ~9 new songs to play at the next show, and a bunch of others on deck. Tons of new stuff that we're excited to share with you.

 Enjoying a lasagna at the Halfway Club

Enjoying a lasagna at the Halfway Club

In Current Rotation:

1 part Tuaca®

1 part Irish Cream

Dash of Pumpkin Pie seasoning

Serve over ice.

The perfect, "Comin' Around the Mountain."

January 2018

We performed the living room set last week in Gardnerville and it was a very good time. Huge thanks to DST Coffee, The JT and everybody who came out to listen. I think we'll be working on that set with plans to tour with it eventually.

That said, we will be doing a mini-tour this weekend full electric with a bag of new songs.
Feb 01 > Las Vegas, NV @ The Bunkhouse
Feb 02 > Reno, NV @ The Saint (w/ Future Criminals of America)
Feb 03 > Boise, ID @ Olympic
All dates above are with our close buds Coastwest Unrest. We've toured with them a few times now, and singer/songwriter of the band Noah Dickie helped record Con Cuerpo.

  1 (505) 634-9769

1 (505) 634-9769

TREEFORT! We're playing again, March 21-25th. Headliners are Parliament Funkadelic, Princess Nokia and Andrew WK. Very, very stoked.

Also very excited to share these new songs with y'all.
In Current Rotation:

November 2017

Hey Folks, not much news, so no blog post this month.
I mean, I figured "I don't really have much to say, since we're just writing some new stuff," so it seems like sending out a newsletter and posting a blog post would be a waste of time this month, you know? Like why write anything at all?

I mean, it would be pretty pointless to make newsletter that says "hey everyone, we're not doing much publicly, just writing some new stuff," you know?

 No photo this month, just this placeholder.

No photo this month, just this placeholder.

I guess I could say we're planning a couple shows in late January/February, but even then, we don't have anything solid yet, so it would be kind of pointless to type something like that and send it out in a newsletter.

Yeah, so no Blog post this month.


In current rotation:

October 2017

We're on the cover of the Reno News and Review.
We wrote the feature story about touring in Brazil, Uruguay and Argentina.


Here are some pictures that didn't make the cut:

We've been laying low and working on a new live arrangement. We'll be debuting that arrangement on November 13th at the HOL (Evans + 9th st in Reno, NV). I think you're going to dig it.


1 part Old Glory
1 part Miller Highlife 32 oz
Drink half of Miller Highlife 32oz and fill to top with Old Glory.
The perfect Poor Loco
(courtesy of our new downstairs neighbors)

August 2017


 poster by Summer Orr

poster by Summer Orr

These dates are rough, but:

04/09 SoFar Sounds show RUA BELMIRO BRAGA, 120 - VILA MADALENA
06/09 - @hotelbarsp São Paulo, BR

08/09 - Lavendaria Curitiba, BR

09/09- Rio Vermelho Florípa, BR
Um mais acoustic em Florípa, BR TBA

15/09 Oculto Porto Alegre,BR

16/09 minorhouse <3 <3 Porto Alegre, BR

21/09 Solitário Juan Montevideo, UR

22/09 y 23/09 Buenos Aires, AR (Tba!)

29/09+30/09 São Paulo BR (Tba!)

We are really excited to return to South America, see you soon.

In current rotation:

July 2017

If you weren't at our living room show on 7/11, People with Bodies is playing with a new person with a new body named Julian Jacobs. You may know him from Reno band Spitting Image.

 Photo by Emiliy Jiang

Photo by Emiliy Jiang

Kent and I ambushed Julian immediately as he got out of the shower with some hard hitting questions:

Kent+Fil (KF)A/S/L?
Julian (J): 27/Julian Jacobs/People with Bodies

[Julian wet and confused]

KF: Hot breakfast or Cereal?
J: Hot Breakfast
KF: Favorite hot breakfast?
J: Dinner..?
KF: wrong answer, real interview.
J: I really enjoy putting over-easy eggs on top of oatmeal with peanut butter. It's weird but I like it.
KF: Favorite breakfast spot in Reno?
J: El Salvador
(right answer)
KF: If bacon was a band, what band would bacon be?
J: [Pause] Led Zepplin
KF: Explain
J: 'Cause it's overrated but still really good - a little bit too rich for my taste, and kind of over done, but sometimes it just hits the fuckin' spot and it's very, like, unabashedly simple and effective.
KF: Beautiful. Lastly, explain the history of eggs as a breakfast item.
J: How long do you got?
KF: Infinite.
J: Well it all started in uuuuh..,,l,,, 1492?

[Julian pushing past interviewers, still wet, wearing towel, carrying street clothes]

J: When a man by the name

[Kent takes phone call - K: Yeah, can you hear me?]

J: Of Kent Irwin sailed. 

[Bedroom door slam]

J (muffled): to Dennys.....

This month we had the lovely opportunity to open for our good friends Team Francis at their EP release show. It was a blast and we're proud to be from the same city as them.

Also, we had the pleasure of playing with Turtlenecked, So Many Wizards and Cool American - all of which have great music out, and I've been listening to Cool American's Infinite Hiatus tape on repeat for about 5 days. I recommend it.

Lastly, we're gonna try to play a brand new song live tonight.
And that's it, y'all.
Big news coming soon.


In Julian's current rotation:

May 2017

"Con Cuerpo" - a full length album from People with Bodies.

Hey folks,

Very excited to announce the release of our first full length album. It will be available Tuesday June 13th as a compact disc. The release show will be held in Reno at the Record Street Bibo (945 Record St). We'll be joined by the great David Dondero.
$5, all ages, and we'll have the CD available for $10.
Each copy purchased at the release show will include a personalized note and a little bit of Fernie or Palm. (We recorded the bass guitar pointing a microphone through Palm)

"Con Cuerpo"was recorded over 10 days in October 2016 by Watson Meyer with help from our good friend Noah Dickie. It was then sent off to Diego Poloni in Southern Brazil who mixed and mastered it in this house:


The cover was designed in Porto Alegre, Brazil by artist Jessica Nakaema. Mike Corbitt did the packaging layout, and Tea Haze finalized the tracks. Huge thanks to Jake Reid for playing Sax, Ronan, and Steve Roggenbuck. 

See you June 13th!
in current rotation:

April 2017

Every branch leads away. You follow it with your hands until the branch turns to a stick, and the stick comes to a point and you're out of the tree just floating beside it.
The trick is to shake it around a bit. Be wind in the trees.

We give a river a name, but it's filled with other things with other names. Rocks, fish, cyanobacteria, a man, his shoes. It's filled with currents, pointing different directions, sometimes folding back into itself and running upstream. We call those eddies. The river is not the water, but the movement.

We've received the mixes for our full length album.
Stay tuned.

Tour Dates:
April 29: Merced @ a house w/ Awahnichi
May 2: Medford @ King Wah's Bamboo Room
May 3: Eugene (TBA)
May 5: Seattle @ The Moon
May 6: Portland @ The Boathouse
May 12: Reno for Gremfest
Then we'll be quiet for a bit. More to come.


1 part Tuaca
1 part Rootbeer
Serve in pint glass on ice
Lime twist
The perfect Toiyabe Sunset