January 2018

We performed the living room set last week in Gardnerville and it was a very good time. Huge thanks to DST Coffee, The JT and everybody who came out to listen. I think we'll be working on that set with plans to tour with it eventually.

That said, we will be doing a mini-tour this weekend full electric with a bag of new songs.
Feb 01 > Las Vegas, NV @ The Bunkhouse
Feb 02 > Reno, NV @ The Saint (w/ Future Criminals of America)
Feb 03 > Boise, ID @ Olympic
All dates above are with our close buds Coastwest Unrest. We've toured with them a few times now, and singer/songwriter of the band Noah Dickie helped record Con Cuerpo.

1 (505) 634-9769

1 (505) 634-9769

TREEFORT! We're playing again, March 21-25th. Headliners are Parliament Funkadelic, Princess Nokia and Andrew WK. Very, very stoked.

Also very excited to share these new songs with y'all.
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November 2017

Hey Folks, not much news, so no blog post this month.
I mean, I figured "I don't really have much to say, since we're just writing some new stuff," so it seems like sending out a newsletter and posting a blog post would be a waste of time this month, you know? Like why write anything at all?

I mean, it would be pretty pointless to make newsletter that says "hey everyone, we're not doing much publicly, just writing some new stuff," you know?

No photo this month, just this placeholder.

No photo this month, just this placeholder.

I guess I could say we're planning a couple shows in late January/February, but even then, we don't have anything solid yet, so it would be kind of pointless to type something like that and send it out in a newsletter.

Yeah, so no Blog post this month.


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October 2017

We're on the cover of the Reno News and Review.
We wrote the feature story about touring in Brazil, Uruguay and Argentina.


Here are some pictures that didn't make the cut:

We've been laying low and working on a new live arrangement. We'll be debuting that arrangement on November 13th at the HOL (Evans + 9th st in Reno, NV). I think you're going to dig it.


1 part Old Glory
1 part Miller Highlife 32 oz
Drink half of Miller Highlife 32oz and fill to top with Old Glory.
The perfect Poor Loco
(courtesy of our new downstairs neighbors)

August 2017


poster by Summer Orr

poster by Summer Orr

These dates are rough, but:

04/09 SoFar Sounds show RUA BELMIRO BRAGA, 120 - VILA MADALENA
06/09 - @hotelbarsp São Paulo, BR

08/09 - Lavendaria Curitiba, BR

09/09- Rio Vermelho Florípa, BR
Um mais acoustic em Florípa, BR TBA

15/09 Oculto Porto Alegre,BR

16/09 minorhouse <3 <3 Porto Alegre, BR

21/09 Solitário Juan Montevideo, UR

22/09 y 23/09 Buenos Aires, AR (Tba!)

29/09+30/09 São Paulo BR (Tba!)

We are really excited to return to South America, see you soon.

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July 2017

If you weren't at our living room show on 7/11, People with Bodies is playing with a new person with a new body named Julian Jacobs. You may know him from Reno band Spitting Image.

Photo by Emiliy Jiang

Photo by Emiliy Jiang

Kent and I ambushed Julian immediately as he got out of the shower with some hard hitting questions:

Kent+Fil (KF)A/S/L?
Julian (J): 27/Julian Jacobs/People with Bodies

[Julian wet and confused]

KF: Hot breakfast or Cereal?
J: Hot Breakfast
KF: Favorite hot breakfast?
J: Dinner..?
KF: wrong answer, real interview.
J: I really enjoy putting over-easy eggs on top of oatmeal with peanut butter. It's weird but I like it.
KF: Favorite breakfast spot in Reno?
J: El Salvador
(right answer)
KF: If bacon was a band, what band would bacon be?
J: [Pause] Led Zepplin
KF: Explain
J: 'Cause it's overrated but still really good - a little bit too rich for my taste, and kind of over done, but sometimes it just hits the fuckin' spot and it's very, like, unabashedly simple and effective.
KF: Beautiful. Lastly, explain the history of eggs as a breakfast item.
J: How long do you got?
KF: Infinite.
J: Well it all started in uuuuh..,,l,,, 1492?

[Julian pushing past interviewers, still wet, wearing towel, carrying street clothes]

J: When a man by the name

[Kent takes phone call - K: Yeah, can you hear me?]

J: Of Kent Irwin sailed. 

[Bedroom door slam]

J (muffled): to Dennys.....

This month we had the lovely opportunity to open for our good friends Team Francis at their EP release show. It was a blast and we're proud to be from the same city as them.

Also, we had the pleasure of playing with Turtlenecked, So Many Wizards and Cool American - all of which have great music out, and I've been listening to Cool American's Infinite Hiatus tape on repeat for about 5 days. I recommend it.

Lastly, we're gonna try to play a brand new song live tonight.
And that's it, y'all.
Big news coming soon.


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May 2017

"Con Cuerpo" - a full length album from People with Bodies.

Hey folks,

Very excited to announce the release of our first full length album. It will be available Tuesday June 13th as a compact disc. The release show will be held in Reno at the Record Street Bibo (945 Record St). We'll be joined by the great David Dondero.
$5, all ages, and we'll have the CD available for $10.
Each copy purchased at the release show will include a personalized note and a little bit of Fernie or Palm. (We recorded the bass guitar pointing a microphone through Palm)

"Con Cuerpo"was recorded over 10 days in October 2016 by Watson Meyer with help from our good friend Noah Dickie. It was then sent off to Diego Poloni in Southern Brazil who mixed and mastered it in this house:


The cover was designed in Porto Alegre, Brazil by artist Jessica Nakaema. Mike Corbitt did the packaging layout, and Tea Haze finalized the tracks. Huge thanks to Jake Reid for playing Sax, Ronan, and Steve Roggenbuck. 

See you June 13th!
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April 2017

Every branch leads away. You follow it with your hands until the branch turns to a stick, and the stick comes to a point and you're out of the tree just floating beside it.
The trick is to shake it around a bit. Be wind in the trees.

We give a river a name, but it's filled with other things with other names. Rocks, fish, cyanobacteria, a man, his shoes. It's filled with currents, pointing different directions, sometimes folding back into itself and running upstream. We call those eddies. The river is not the water, but the movement.

We've received the mixes for our full length album.
Stay tuned.

Tour Dates:
April 29: Merced @ a house w/ Awahnichi
May 2: Medford @ King Wah's Bamboo Room
May 3: Eugene (TBA)
May 5: Seattle @ The Moon
May 6: Portland @ The Boathouse
May 12: Reno for Gremfest
Then we'll be quiet for a bit. More to come.


1 part Tuaca
1 part Rootbeer
Serve in pint glass on ice
Lime twist
The perfect Toiyabe Sunset


March 2017


Okay, first of all, Treefort was tight.
We camped in our good friends' back yard all weekend and stayed surprisingly warm despite the rain. 
Some highlights: Jonathan Richman (what a completely honest performer), Open Mike Eagle (who Mark and I never heard before but blew us away), AU (insanely tight and cool), Delicate Steve ("Maybe the only good 1.5 hour long guitar solo I've ever seen" - kent), Willy Vlautin (author of Motel Life, telling a really excellent road story about rural Nevada), Sun Blood Stories (SHREDDING OUR FACES), Mac Demarco (who's music I had never heard, but had a crazy fun live show with great stage presence), Jenny Don't and the Spurs (killing it in a small bar), and finally VCR (playing rockin' ass jam shit in an upscale fast food restaurant.)

Good job, Boise.

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NOW the news:
We'll be touring the Northwest in May.
Show schedule now:
Reno, NV March 30th @ The Saint
Reno, NV March 31st @ TLC

Medford, OR May 2nd @ Bamboo Room

Eugene, OR May 3rd @ Boreal
Seattle, WA May 5th @ The Moon w/ Jacob Jaffe, The Co Founder, TBA
Portland, OR May 6th @ a house w/ Cool American
Sacto, CA? Somewhere? (Help if you want)
Reno, NV May 12th @ Gremfest (more info TBA)

OK that's it this month.
Lots of good stuff coming, so stay tuned.


1 part Carlo Rossi
1 part Tecate
serve in cup from under your coffee table
The perfect "TeCarlo"

February 2017

You may have followed on Instagram that we released a video EP yesterday.
More on that here: https://reno.craigslist.org/search/cms



If you're going to be a Treefort in Boise, we're playing Thursday at the Neurolux with longtime friend Up is the Down is the. If you've started marking a fest schedule, take a pic and send it our way. We'd love to see what you're checking out.

Lastly, we recorded a session with A Fistful of Vinyl at KXLU last month. They released the first video last week and it (very surreally) did the rounds on the internet and was on the front page of reddit. So a shout out to all you new people.

I think that's it.
More in the works.

1 part gin

1 part scotch

Serve neat in a tin mug

the perfect "Forest Fire"



January 2017

Hey Folks,

Palm died on stage.

Palm toured the northwest US with us.
played drums in the woods with us.
was in the car when we crashed in a snowstorm on our way to play Tijuana.
had a final broadcast appearance on KXLU's A Fistful of Vinyl (in Los Angeles, coming soon to youtube)
And after a grueling few months, Palm died on stage at The Loving Cup in Reno, Nevada.
In the final moments, Palm dove from the stage, shattering our lamp on the floor, and began to crowd surf, filtering a few last breaths of air before shedding it's physical form, floating away into the cold night.
Palm will be greatly missed.

In other news,
-We have a new lamp.

-February we're releasing a compilation album called "American Music" featuring bands from all over North and South America.

-AND an experimental split release with our close friends, City Wolves.

In March, we will be releasing a standalone video EP called "L a n d l i n e . c o m"

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December 2016

I am under a palm tree before dawn. The clouds are starting to light up pink. I saw a really big snail.

The news:

Remember our EP? the 4 song one we released back in January? It's being re-released in South America by the Chilean label Botanical Party. It has a couple alternate songs on there, its own artwork, and will be available on Cassette soon for all you buddies from below. We'll be released alongside our good friends and bad-ass cats Decurso Drama.

Also exclusive news for the email list - we're releasing a • v a p o r w a v e • video EP soon.

The sun's almost up now. It takes longer to write than to read, usually. Input/output, ya know? The tourists are awaking I have to go see ya!


November 2016

Hey Folks! I'm in Texas right now.

We are still working on the album production -- our release date is as specific as "2017." More news on that later.

In the mean time, we released a new song on Noise Loves Audio's Midnight Mixtape.

Hard copy is available at Spectre Records in Reno, and also includes a track from our good bud, Tea Haze.

In addition to being a band, People with Bodies does a bunch of things, and one of them is making videos. We made a music video for our friends, Decurso Drama (below)

Lastly, we'll have some big news about south america soon.

See ya!


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October 2016

All People with Bodies merch is now available on Bandcamp:
EP, Coffee Mugs, T-Shirts and a Mystery Cassette. Click for more info.

We finished recording the full length. Which is really exciting. BUT as you probably know, it's the very first step in a long process so it'll be some months before it's done.

Recording was capped by 2 days of rain in the valley, and snowfall in the mountains (pictured below)

We have 10 songs - 1 of them is super, super new.

November is going to be a month of hard work behind the scenes.
In addition to mixing/mastering, we'll be getting artwork and packaging put together, and also renovating the inside of Van. I'm also working on some SoCal shows in early December.

Lastly, Van is now officially ours and registered in Nevada


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September 2016


We just got back from a Northwest tour (Idaho, Montana, Washington, Oregon) and we had a blast. Played some really fun shows, went to a Seattle Mariners game with a 90's G-Funk rapper, played drums in the woods, performed a road baptism in a hot spring, ect..

Our next big step is to record an album. We have roughly 10 songs and we are starting this week. We'll keep you tightly updated.

Our next confirmed shows:
10/01 Reno, NV @ Black Rock Drive In (New venue)
10/26 San Francisco, CA @ The Hemlock w/ Dave Dondero
10/29 Elko, NV @ DLC w/ Coastwest Unrest

We're working on some more bay area shows + and a few socal shows.
And Lastly.
We bought a Van
Yeah. It's name is Van.

Y'all email subscribers are the first to know. We're going to be building it out before we officially announce it on instagram and stuff.

Between Van and the new record, this is going to be a really good Fall. We're gearing up for some big stuff.

See y'all soon

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August 2016

YO, Okay

We are making MUGS! And going on a Northwest tour. We also have a show Friday 09/02 at Park Place. This will be a super special thing so make it out if you're in town.

flyer by Emily Jiang

flyer by Emily Jiang



We've mostly been working on new material lately.
Both Kent and I (Fil) did a 20 song challenge, which is where you write and record 20 songs in a single day. It might be impossible, but it's a really rewarding exercise that forces you to purge yourself of every musical idea you've been storing up.
I made it to 16, and Kent made it to 18, and 3 of those songs are already in rotation as PWB songs. 

But the main news:
09/02 Reno, NV: Park Place w/ Local Girls and one more TBA. Kickoff house party.
09/13 Boise, ID: Neurolux w/ Up is the Down is the (Radio Boise night)
09/15 Missoula, MT: VFW w/ Mendelssohn side projects (part of their monthly residency)
09/16 Spokane, WA info TBA
09/17 Moscow, ID: One World Coffee
09/19 Bellingham, WA No date yet.
09/20 Seattle, WA No date yet.
09/21 Portland, OR: w/ Husky Boys info TBA
09/22 Eugene, OR No date yet.
If you have a friend/sibling/tinder match in these cities that might like us, text 'em! 

We're working on a South West/California tour in October/November, so keep your eyes out for that.
I think that wraps it up!


In Current Rotation (Fil)

July 2016

July's been a surprisingly productive month for Peeps w/ Bodz (unofficial/non-trademarked).

We've got 4 full new songs, with a couple fragments in the wings.

Mainly, we made 2 videos:

2 Take Away shows from Brazil. (São Paulo + Porto Alegre)

Filmed on a 1990 Sony Hi8 Handycam by Marcelo Florentino + Alan Chaves (and us)

If you're reading this immediately, we have shows in Reno

July 27th @ Holland

August 10th @ Spectre

We'll be playing some of the new songs.  Also, we're working on some west coast dates in September/October/November.

Yep - just a quick one this month. See ya!


June 2016

We went to Brazil.

It was incredible.  We played 4 shows in 3 cities, and were completely floored by the support and by the amount of killer music going on there. We played with a bunch of incredible bands: Hez + Lucas Rampazzo, Enchente, Trompa, Os Croquetes, Quasi Morto and Decurso Drama - in addition to meeting so many people in other great bands. Simply too many to name.

Kent runs a website called Howls Road and I make a podcast called Van Sounds - so this trip played 2 rolls - it was People With Bodies first tour, and on our days off, we interviewed musicians for our projects. It seemed like such a healthy and repeatable structure, that I cannot wait to a.) go back to Brazil and b.) tour a new place in the same way. 

That said, I'll just let the pictures paint the picture. There will be a bunch of new video and recordings coming from the trip, so keep your eyes out.

Hotel Bar - São Paulo

Hotel Bar - São Paulo

Minor House post show - Porto Alegre

Minor House post show - Porto Alegre

Flyer for Panama Estudio Pub - Porto Alegre

Flyer for Panama Estudio Pub - Porto Alegre

Florípa flyer

Florípa flyer

The day we returned home, we had the pleasure of opening for Flying Circles and AJJ (Formerly Andrew Jackson Jihad). It was a really incredible homecoming, and both of those bands were great.

Lastly, we are almost sold out of our cassette tapes. Right now we have 2 left, so if you want one, go snatch it up on our Bandcamp
 - we will probably make a second pressing eventually, but I'm not sure when.

Thanks so much, and a big welcome to all the new email list folks. We've got a lot of new, exciting things coming so stay tuned.



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